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Cloud Hikers' Commitments

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Alignment

We have implemented initiatives and policies which align with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education and Gender Equality.

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Pledge 1%


Cloud Hikers' pledge 1% of our time towards providing Salesforce training within our local communities to:

- nurture and develop new talent into the Salesforce ecosystem

- boost the employability of the local workforce

- uphold our "Diversity & Inclusion" value by encouraging under-represented demographics


Cloud Hikers' pledge 1% of our net profits to support charities and initiatives related to:

- training in our local communities

- sustainability

- maintenance, conservation, and expansion of wild spaces and national parklands

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Equality & Diversity Mission Statement

We are passionate about diversity and equality. Our commitments ensure we stay true to a mission that goes to the heart of who we are as people. We're proud to publish these commitments in public.


- Dedicate resources internally to support diversity and inclusion initiatives. 
- Involve employees in community initiatives related to diversity and inclusion. 
- Make efforts to track employee diversity metrics at your company, as defined by your region and country. 
- Provide and encourage training on diversity and inclusion to your employees. 
- Regularly update a company action plan on how to address diversity and inclusion issues. 


Once Cloud Hikers' headcount exceeds 50 people, we plan to make the following further commitments:

- Encourage supplier diversity by subcontracting with and supporting diverse-owned businesses through purchasing practices.
- Perform equal pay audits with salary adjustment as needed to close the pay gap between genders and races within geographies.
- Sponsor recruiting programs and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion.
- Support the organization of employee resource groups (e.g. Women’s Network).

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